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    Tree Planting Services in Toronto

    Trees and plants are a major part of any landscape design. Tree planting can add a lot of value to your property in Toronto. Trees help provide shade, block unwanted views from the neighbors, improve the aesthetics of your property, add some greenery to your landscape design and improve the air quality.

    If you are all set to plant trees on your property and are searching for a reliable tree planting service in Toronto, look no further! Get in touch with GTA Landscaping today.

    Tree planting is our specialty. As Toronto’s leading landscaping design specialists, we are experts in tree planting.

    Our experienced arborists can bring your green ideas to life. Whether you are looking for backyard landscaping, landscaping design or tree planting, we’ve got you covered.

    We plant tress for residential customers as well as commercial clients and can provide and plant large amounts of trees for bigger sites

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    Enjoy Complete Peace of Mind with Toronto's Most Trusted Landscaping Company

    When you choose to work with our tree planting specialists in Toronto, you can bid goodbye to stress and anxiety. Our fully trained and experienced team will take the guesswork out of the equation. We will take the time to understand your requirements before creating a tree planting plan.

    We will consider every little aspect including the species of trees that will flourish in Toronto, choose the right spot to plant your trees, check to ensure the soil conditions are just right and even equipping you with the tips and equipment necessary to care for your plants and trees.

    Here are some of the top reasons to choose our tree planting service in Toronto:

    • An active member of Landscape Ontario and Canadian Nursery Landscape Association
    • Experienced landscapers in Toronto
    • We only plant locally grown trees and plants
    • Warranty for all plants
    • Hundreds of 5-star ratings
    • We plant for residential properties and commercial clients

    Your Local Tree Planting Specialists in Toronto

    Choosing the right tree can be a tricky decision. However, getting it right can deliver immense value to your property. If you are not sure which tree species would be best suited for your property, call in our tree planting experts in Vaughan.

    At GTA Landscaping, we offer all types of trees. We supply and plant trees that are locally grown. What’s more, we design and help choose plants that will look best on your property and suit your budget.

    Some popular species include sugar maple, silver maple, red maple, white ash, white birch, red oak, black oak, black spruce and sycamore.

    There are many aspects to consider when it comes to tree planting, and that’s where our tree planting professionals in Toronto come in handy.

    For example, you can pick any species of tree to plant at your site. However, when choosing where to plant a tree, you may have to give it some thought. If you want to plant a tree right beside your house, a sprawling tree isn’t the ideal choice. Instead, opt for a species that typically grow straight up.

    It’s equally important to consider what your chosen tree will look like when it matures, including its height, size and shape. One important aspect to consider is whether there is enough room for the tree to grow and whether it’s a species that thrives when planted next to other trees or does better when left on its own.

    Our tree specialists will look for a variety of aspects when choosing a spot for planting a tree. For example, we’ll ensure that the tree is not being planted anywhere near a power line or above wires/cables buried underneath the property.

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