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    Rooftop Patio Construction in Toronto

    Are you looking to transform your rooftop into a beautiful patio? Searching for reliable patio builders in Toronto? Look no further than GTA Landscaping.

    We are Toronto’s leading rooftop landscape specialists with many years of experience. No matter the layout or shape of your home or condo, we can build a customized patio to suit your requirements. We specialize in interlocking stone patios in gardens, backyards and rooftops.

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    Patio Design and Construction Specialists in Toronto

    In a populous city like Toronto where space is at a premium, it’s important to make the most of the available space. If you are looking to build a patio and are worried about space constraints, a rooftop patio offers the perfect solution.

    A rooftop patio allows you to create a dedicated space for entertainment. Several high-rise condo developments, commercial buildings, residential apartments and even private homes across Toronto have transformed their rooftops into entertainment hubs, green spaces and more.

    If you too would like to enjoy this lifestyle, get in touch with our Vaughan stone patio specialists today. With a team of Toronto’s best landscape design specialists, we can transform your rooftop in no time.

    Here at GTA Lanscaping, we strive to build customized rooftop patios tailored to our clients’ lifestyle, requirements and budget. Our team will take the time to understand your requirements and apply our extensive experience and knowledge to transform your landscape and patio into your dream.

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    Building a Rooftop Patio in Toronto and Vaughan

    For optimum comfort and safety, we can install railings, guards, stairs, privacy screens and even install a pergola if needed. However, to build a reliable rooftop patio, it’s important to consider the specifics of the roof construction process. It’s important to ensure your roof can withstand the additional weight of a stone patio.

    All the preparations will be handled by us, as our Vaughan interlocking team has the expertise and the deep knowledge to building effective rooftop patios.


    Talk to Us Today to Discuss Your Rooftop Patio in Toronto and Vaughan

    Building a rooftop patio calls for thoughtful design, careful planning and professional approach. Building an interlocking stone patio isn’t something you should do by yourself. It can prove to be a tiresome, expensive and complex process. Get in touch with our experienced patio builders today to bring your ideas to life.

    We specialize in rooftop patios as well as back yard patios and driveways. We install all interlocking stones including permeable and natural stone.

    If you are ready to build your patio, get in touch with GTA Landscaping today for a free consultation and quote. Call 647 979 9248 now.


    Toronto Landscape Design Experts

    Building a rooftop stone patio isn’t as simple as building a ground-level patio. The biggest hurdle is the fact that roofs are not built to take on the extra weight of a patio, so several aspects must be considered when building a rooftop patio. A strong and stable foundation is extremely necessary to support the weight of the rooftop patio and the additional load it places on the building. So an expert would keep in mind moisture-related issues like foundation cracks or basement waterproofing issues ensuring a solid foundation for the entire structure, including the rooftop patio. That’s where the expertise of a professional patio builder comes in handy. For best results, be sure to work with a Vaughan landscape design company specializing in patios. GTA Landscaping has built hundreds of rooftop patios across Toronto. We are Toronto’s trusted interlocking specialists who can bring your rooftop to life with our interlocking and stone patio designs. We create patios that best suit your building and your requirements. Our patio builders combine the latest technology and proven construction techniques to bring your dream patio to life. As your Vaughan interlocking contractor, we will handle all the aspects of building your patio including:

    • Obtaining all the permits to build your rooftop patio.
    • Getting an engineering report to verify the suitability of your roof for building a patio on it.
    • Complying with all the relevant building codes.
    • Designing the optimal patio for your roof and building.
    • Using the right materials for the patio.
    • Safely building the patio.
    • Ensuring the ventilation, waterproofing and the integrity of the roofing membrane.
    • Checking the finished patio for safety.


    A picture says a thousand words. Don’t just take our word for it. Browse our portfolio and see for yourself. You’ll be impressed.


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