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The benefits of a pool in Canada are limitless, but the tedious and expensive nature of pool installations can be overwhelming. GTA Landscaping is here to make it less stressful. Our top-notch interlocking pool installations can transform your space accordingly. Our vast experience with interlocking stones puts us in the best position to craft different designs to your liking. You can find out more when you contact our Toronto’s premier landscaping company.
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    Pool Interlocking in Toronto – Quality Services for Every Need

    The benefits of interlocking pools include non-slip surfaces and durability. Cleaning and general maintenance are also simple, making interlocking the perfect solution to boost the durability of a pool area. The stones also allow you to customize the surface with colours and shapes of choice. Despite the numerous benefits, you must adhere to the rules and regulations about such projects, which is where an expert comes in.

    At GTA Landscaping, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of interlocking services for commercial and residential properties. We have vast know-how that enables us to meet all pool demands ranging from pool landscaping feature installation to overall interlocking installations. Our satisfaction comes from distinguishing each client’s needs and delivering in a manner that surpasses their expectations. You can choose any pool interlocking design, and we will ensure you get it in time.


    Advantages of Pool Interlocking

    Aesthetic Appeal & Fast Installation

    Installing interlocking pavers around a pool is a relatively straightforward process when you do not use mortar. DIY approaches can work, but they may be hectic if you do not have experience or expertise. A professional can ensure you get the pool surface upgrade you desire within a shorter timeline.

    Interlocking pools also have endless style possibilities that give an aesthetic appeal unlike any other. Pavers exist in various colours, shapes, and patterns that allow you to creatively transform your pool area in whichever way you like, achieving indescribable visual attraction. You can have a pool that matches or contrasts your home for a unique curb appeal.

    GTA Landscaping is available if you need dependable Installers to maximize the outlook. Our commitment and reliability, together with several other advantages, make us the perfect partner when you are planning to build or revamp your pool. We handle the task with precision and accuracy to ensure nothing goes wrong.


    Durable and Slip Resistant

    Interlocking stones for the pool are often praised for their durability, and rightfully so. However, you must choose the materials carefully to ensure they can endure salty water or any other requirement.

    The durability is a major factor because outdoor renovations are significant projects that can take a toll on your finances, time, and energy. Therefore, any upgrade that does not last long is not worthwhile. All interlocking varieties are beneficial in that aspect – no regular maintenance, repairs, or replacements. The non-slip surfaces are also perfect for outdoor use because they remain safe when wet. That is why the pavers are preferable in lawns, driveways, and walkways.


    Environmentally Friendly and Safe

    Out of the few reliable and environment-friendly home improvement products, interlocking stones are the best. They are the perfect solution for those who prefer sustainable solutions for pool surfaces because of their ability to trap solid waste and reduce runoffs. They allow the natural infiltration of water while absorbing nutrients that seep into the ground, which improves soil health. You never have to worry about erosion once you install them. Additionally, the interlocks guarantee the safety of the area surrounding the pool regardless of the weather. They remain non-skid whether it snows or rains.

    Note: Most of the advantages of interlocking pools, including environment-friendliness, depend on the installation method. That is why working with a professional is mandatory. You can contact the GTA Landscaping team, and we will give you the best pool in your neighbourhood.


    Requires Low Maintenance

    As the go-to interlocking pool installers, we understand the challenges property owners face when replacing or repairing surfaces that require a complete overhaul. At the same time, we know the reprieve you can get from interlocks that allow you to swap singular pavers instead of removing the whole pool area – restorations become unbelievably easy. Cleaning is also easy with interlocking pavers. Sweeping is often enough, but you can hose down the pavers or use power washing occasionally to maintain their spectacular appearance.

    Tip: You do not need an expert for maintenance after proper installation. Changing damaged stones is not complicated.


    How to Maintain Pool Interlocking

    Power Washing

    Power washing is often the first maintenance procedure for interlocking stones, as it is the best method of removing sand between pavers. A 3000 psi pressure is enough to remove the debris stuck between the joints, but you must use a proper nozzle – one that will not leave a dent afterward. You can use a 15-degree nozzle given with the power washer instead of a 10-degree one that can dint the joints or a 40-degree nozzle that does not penetrate enough to clear all the sand.

    Knowing how to use the nozzle is also critical. The distance between the surface and the nozzle should be approximately 12 inches, and you should move it back and forth around the stone perimeter. Remember to wear safety gear, including goggles that protect your eyes from flying debris.



    Apply polymeric sand once the surface dries, which should be approximately 24 hours if you live in a warmer climate. Polymeric sand has a binding compound that reacts with water to bond the joints of the interlocking stones. The solid but flexible composite also serves as the best defence against weed growth and the best maintenance product – it lasts between 3 to 4 years in high-traffic areas and keeps the stones from shifting. You will never worry about another maintenance procedure for at least two years after application.

    Using polymeric sand is simple – you pour the bag of sand on the surface and sweep it into the joints. For best results, cover the area in short strides to give the compound enough time to bond with the pavers. Longer strides reduce the effectiveness of the sand. You can use a plate compactor to vibrate the polymeric for optimal results.



    Wetting should take place after you are satisfied with the sanding. You use a leaf blower to clear the sand but cautiously do so to avoid removing the sand from the joints. Angle the blower at a 45-degree angle and keep it at least 18 inches from the surface. Confirm clearance of all particles from the surface before applying water. Failure to do so can result in polymeric sand sticking to the surface, diminishing the aesthetics. Removing such sand can interfere with the sand that settles in the joints.

    Wetting should be done every 100 to 100 sq. ft. Use the shower setting on the hose, then spray back and forth as you wet each area twice for proper saturation. You can time the process at three-minute intervals and ensure water begins accumulating between the stones before moving to another section.


    Pool Interlocking Installation and Repair Process

    Pool stone installations require a meticulous approach that we can deliver. We place the stones carefully to prevent unexpected damage or premature repairs. We know that durability depends on precision during installation – we do not disappoint. As masters in the interlocking stones craft, we will answer all your questions and help you source quality materials for the job.

    The repair process for interlocking stones is straightforward. Contact us when you notice a broken or visually unpleasant paver, and we will complete the repair quickly and hassle-free. Our experience with such projects puts us in the best position to assist you whether you want one repair or more. We remove the specific stone without damaging the surrounding areas, as we minimize the workload. We also try to save you money by recommending the most durable pavers and conducting repairs accurately.


    Why Choose GTA Landscaping for Pool Interlocking in Toronto

    We have been delivering exceptional home improvement projects for a long time, showing our expertise with interlocking stones. We pride ourselves in solving real-life problems like building outstanding pools to make the summer heat more bearable. We understand the value such projects add, which is why we specialize in many interlocking services, including interlocking pools. Whatever skill you require, be sure our long-serving team will deliver it to the best of our ability. We have what it takes to accomplish every pool project, regardless of the scope. You can rely on our formidable team to come prepared with the proper equipment and skills. We do a stellar job while respecting all the rules and regulations about interlocking pool projects. We also perform quality assurance, proof that we know what we are doing. We work closely with you and do not derail from your vision.

    Feel free to initiate a consultation about the transformation you would like for your pool. Our crew is ready to assist.