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GTA Landscaping is a renowned name in swimming pool construction, with a Commitment to Quality Landscaping in Every Project.

Our Newmarket pool builders combine expert design, meticulous craftsmanship, and open communication to bring your custom backyard oasis to life. With 12 years of experience building pools featuring modern, minimalist, or naturalistic freeform designs, we collaborate closely with you to turn your dreams into reality while prioritizing your budget and vision.
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    Build Your Dream Pool with Our Pool Contractors

    GTA Landscaping offers expert swimming pool construction tailored for Newmarket residents. As a leading pool company, we specialize in creating custom pools that transform simple yard into a dream backyard. Our professional pool builders handle every step, from the beginning stages of design to the final touches of installation.

    Whether it’s fiberglass pools, vinyl liner pools, or concrete pools, we use the highest quality materials. Our amazing team, including dedicated project managers and designers, works closely with clients to ensure each pool construction project is completed seamlessly, meeting all expectations and providing exceptional customer service.

    Contact us now to start designing your dream pool. Get your new pool installed with exceptional customer service and quality craftsmanship.


    Types of Pools We Install For Newmarket Homes

    Fiberglass Pools

    Fiberglass pools are perfect for those wanting a durable, low-maintenance option. Installation is quick, and often completed in weeks. Our expert pool builders at GTA Landscaping use high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and less upkeep. This type of pool offers smooth surfaces, reducing the need for frequent water testing and maintenance.

    Vinyl Liner Pools

    Vinyl liner pools are highly customizable, allowing you to create a unique design that fits your outdoor space. They are budget-friendly and provide a smooth surface, which is gentle on feet. Our project managers work closely with you to select the perfect pool liner. Vinyl liners need replacing every 7-10 years, making maintenance predictable and manageable.

    Concrete Pools

    Concrete pools are the most durable option, offering endless design possibilities. They are ideal for creating custom shapes and sizes, perfectly tailored to your property. Concrete pools require more time for installation but result in a permanent, sturdy structure. This type of pool allows for a range of features, from integrated spas to intricate water features, making it a top choice for creating a luxurious backyard.


    Create A Custom Pool Design With Our Expert Team

    Creating a pool that’s uniquely yours starts with an innovative design At GTA Landscaping, we focus on custom pool designs that suit your lifestyle and space. Our professional pool builders specialize in personalized pool shapes and sizes. Whether you dream of a sleek, modern look or a more organic shape, we tailor each project to your vision.

    We integrate water features like cascading waterfalls and spa jets, enhancing both beauty and enjoyment. Our landscaping team ensures your pool seamlessly blends with your outdoor space, creating a cohesive and inviting environment. We strive to make the construction process smooth and enjoyable for you and your family.


    What to Expect During the Pool Construction Process

    Starting your pool project with GTA Landscaping means you get a seamless experience from start to finish.

    Initial Consultation and Design Approval

    We’ll sit down with you to discuss your vision and requirements. Our project manager will present design options, considering factors like yard size, sun exposure, and pool type. We’ll ensure the layout complements your landscape and meets all your needs.

    Excavation and Installation Phases

    Once we start digging, our team will handle everything from soil removal to setting up the pool equipment. We’ll install the ground pool with precision, whether it’s a fiberglass, vinyl liner, or concrete pool. Expect updates on progress and important considerations.

    Final Touches and Pool School for Maintenance

    As construction nears completion, we add the final details like pool liners, water features, and the hot tub. We’ll guide you through maintenance essentials, ensuring you feel comfortable managing your new inground pool. Our sales service includes ongoing support and tips for optimal enjoyment.

    Popular Pool Features and Add-Ons For Pools

    We offer a range of options like custom vinyl liners and spas, to transform your pool into a luxurious retreat. Consider saltwater pool systems for softer water and easier maintenance. Integrating energy-efficient equipment like variable speed pumps will help to reduce operational costs. Water features such as fountains and waterfalls create a serene environment. Custom pool lighting can enhance evening swims, and incorporating natural stone coping adds an elegant finish.

    Landscaping Services for Your Pool Area

    Crafting the perfect landscape around your pool enhances its beauty and functionality. Our team integrates natural stone pool coping for a seamless blend with your backyard’s aesthetic. This not only adds durability but also a touch of elegance.

    Using quality materials like granite or limestone, our pool builders ensure precise installation, creating a cohesive look. We design spaces that complement your swimming pool and include elements like hot tubs and spas, making your backyard a hub for relaxation and fun.

    Materials Used For Pool Deck Construction

    When planning your pool deck, selecting the right material is crucial for durability and aesthetics. Our professional pool builders recommend a range of options:

    • Concrete – Popular choice, concrete offers versatility in design and color. It’s durable and can be textured for a non-slip surface, ideal for safety around swimming pools.
    • Natural Stone – Elegant and timeless, stones like travertine and slate provide a luxurious look. They stay cool underfoot and are slip-resistant, making them perfect for a relaxing backyard environment.
    • Composite Decking – This material combines wood fibers and plastic, offering a low-maintenance and long-lasting option. It’s resistant to mold, splintering, and fading, ensuring your deck looks great for years.

    Ensuring Pool Safety for Your Family

    Our expert pool builders prioritize installing robust safety fences that meet local regulations and provide peace of mind. We recommend self-closing gates and secure latches, ensuring the highest level of protection. Additionally, pool covers are essential for safeguarding your family. They not only prevent accidents but also keep debris out, maintaining water quality. Safety alarms and non-slip surfaces we install around the pool area further enhance safety measures.

    Energy-Efficient Pool Equipment You Need

    Reducing energy costs while maintaining a stunning pool is easier with modern equipment. We recommend installing energy-saving pumps like the Pentair IntelliFlo, which can reduce energy use by up to 90%. These pumps adjust speed for optimal efficiency.

    Solar heating systems are another smart investment. Brands like FAFCO and Heliocol provide efficient solar panels that harness sunlight to warm your pool, cutting heating costs. They are durable, require minimal maintenance, and are eco-friendly, making them our favorite for professional pool installation.

    Cost of Inground Pool Installation in Newmarket

    Costs for inground pools can vary significantly based on materials and add-ons. A vinyl liner pool, known for its flexibility and affordability, typically ranges from $40,000 to $60,000. Fiberglass pools, which offer durability and low maintenance, generally cost between $50,000 and $75,000.

    When we started digging for a new project, our team considers every detail, ensuring the job is complete to the highest standards. This guarantees your dream pool enhances your property and suits your budget perfectly.

    Professional Pool Builder, You Can Trust Your Pool Construction

    GTA Landscaping brings over 15 years of expertise in pool construction and design, delivering exceptional results with meticulous attention to detail. Our expert team handles every detail, from initial design to final installation, ensuring precision at each step. We specialize in fiberglass, vinyl liner, and concrete pools, using only the highest quality materials.

    Our process includes careful excavation, professional plumbing, and electrical work, guaranteeing a seamless installation. Certified and insured, we adhere to all local regulations, making the entire experience smooth and hassle-free. Contact us today to start your dream pool project.

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