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With 12+ years of expertise, GTA Landscaping excels in creating beautiful swimming pools in Aurora. Our team crafts exquisite modern and naturalistic freeform designs, utilizing top brands like Latham, Thursday Pools, and Leisure Pools. From 3D renderings to excavation and installation, we ensure a flawless process. Collaborate with us to align with your budget and vision. Our commitment to detail turns your dream pool into a reality. Experience exceptional design and construction with trusted materials and seamless execution.
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    What Makes Our Aurora Pool Contractors the Best?

    Crafting a pool installation in Aurora requires precision and expertise. Our experienced pool builders transform your backyard into a stunning swimming pool haven. Whether you desire a private swimming pool, custom pool designs, or durable concrete pools, we ensure every detail is perfect. From the initial consultation to the final touches, our project manager oversees the entire construction process.

    Our team uses top-quality pool equipment, ensuring your new pool and hot tub provide long-lasting memories. We work closely with you, respecting your budget and vision. Contact us for a consultation and discover how we can create the dream pool you’ve always wanted, turning your yard into an amazing backyard oasis.


    Types of Swimming Pools We Install in Aurora

    Fiberglass Pools

    Fiberglass pools offer a sleek, smooth finish that’s easy on the feet and resists algae. Installation is quick because the pool is pre-formed. However, the shape options are limited. The non-porous surface makes maintenance simple, reducing chemical use. Our team ensures an amazing job, delivering a finished product that’s both functional and beautiful.

    Vinyl Liner Pools

    Vinyl liner pools are highly customizable in shape and size, fitting any backyard layout. They’re cost-effective, making them a popular choice for families. The liners are soft and gentle on skin. However, they can puncture and need occasional replacement. With our expert pool builders, you get a stunning, durable pool that brings joy to your family and friends.

    Concrete Pools

    Concrete pools provide unmatched durability and design flexibility, allowing for any shape or size you envision. They can be tailored with unique features like spas and waterfalls. The construction process is longer and requires professional expertise. Our award-winning services ensure your dream pool becomes a reality, providing long-lasting memories and enhancing your property’s value.


    Luxury Pool Designs for Aurora Homes

    Creating pools involves detailed planning and innovative design. Our custom pools are crafted to reflect individual tastes and requirements, ensuring each project is unique. We specialize in various shapes and styles, from sleek rectangular pools to freeform designs that complement the natural landscape.

    Our designer team uses advanced tools like 3D modeling to visualize the perfect layout. Details like integrated hot tubs, infinity edges, and mosaic tiling add a touch of elegance. Each pool is built to create long-lasting memories for friends and family.

    The Steps of Our Pool Construction

    Here’s a glimpse into the pool installation process from GTA Landscaping:

    • Initial Consultation: We assess your space, discuss your dreams, and define the budget.
    • Design Phase: Detailed pool designs are created, incorporating your vision and our expertise.
    • Site Preparation: Excavation and groundwork for inground pool installation.
    • Construction: Pool construction with top-quality materials, ensuring long-term durability.
    • Final Touches: Landscaping, pool equipment setup, and any additional features like spas or hot tubs.

    How Long Does Pool Installation Take in Aurora?

    The installation timeline depends on several factors, including the type of pool and site conditions. Fiberglass pools can be installed in about 3-4 weeks, thanks to their prefabricated nature. Vinyl liner pools typically take around 4-6 weeks. Excavation, plumbing, and electrical work must be meticulously coordinated. Proper planning and skilled professionals are key to creating your perfect outdoor retreat. Weather and unexpected site issues can affect the timeline, but we strive to complete each project efficiently.

    What Pool Equipment Do You Need?

    Our installations typically include saltwater pumps, which ensure crystal-clear water with minimal chemical use. Efficient water heaters extend your swimming season, keeping your pool comfortable even in cooler months. We also provide advanced filtration systems, guaranteeing clean water by trapping even the smallest particles. High-quality pool covers protect your investment, maintaining temperature and safety. Trust our expertise to equip your pool with the best technology.

    Eco-Friendly Pool Options for Your Home

    Eco-friendly pools are the future of sustainable living. We recommend energy-efficient pool equipment like variable speed pumps, which can save up to 70% on energy costs compared to traditional pumps. Sustainable materials, such as recycled glass tiles and low-impact concrete, not only reduce environmental impact but also add to the durability and aesthetic appeal of your pool. Opting for solar-powered heating systems can further enhance your pool’s energy efficiency, making it both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

    Enhancing Your Pool Area with Our Landscape Design

    Creating a lush, inviting pool area is more than just about the pool itself. Our landscaping services add the perfect finishing touch, integrating seamlessly with your pool design. Choosing the right stones for paths and pool surrounds ensures durability and a polished look.

    Proper lighting enhances safety and ambiance, while strategic placement of trees provides natural shade and privacy. We focus on details, such as selecting plants that thrive in Aurora’s climate, and ensuring your outdoor space remains beautiful and low-maintenance for years to come.

    Adding a Hot Tub to Your Pool Area

    As licensed pool contractors, we know integrating a pool hot tub creates a seamless outdoor oasis. Consider the Hot Tub Council’s recommendations for energy efficiency and placement. When planning, factor in the ground’s stability and your current pool setup. A professional contractor will ensure the new addition complements your property and withstands Canada’s varied weather. Including a hot tub is a significant investment but offers long-term enjoyment and enhances your home’s value.

    What are the Costs of Pool Installation in Aurora?

    Installing a pool in Aurora is an investment that varies widely based on several factors. For a basic vinyl liner pool, expect to pay between $25,000 and $45,000. Fiberglass pools generally range from $30,000 to $60,000, while custom concrete pools start around $50,000 and can exceed $100,000. These costs include essential elements such as excavation, pool equipment, and basic landscaping. For detailed pricing and a free consultation, contact us to discuss your dream pool and the next steps in the installation process.

    Safety Features for Private Swimming Pools

    Ensuring your pool is safe and compliant is crucial for enjoying it with peace of mind. We install essential safety features like sturdy fencing, self-closing gates, and pool covers to prevent accidents. Alarms and non-slip surfaces are also integrated for added safety. We follow local regulations and guidelines from the Hot Tub Council to ensure every pool meets the highest standards. For a comprehensive safety assessment and to discuss the next steps, contact us today for a free consultation.

    Can We Renovate Your Existing Pool?

    Upgrading your current pool can make a huge difference in both aesthetics and functionality. We specialize in adding features such as energy-efficient heating systems, advanced filtration units, and LED lighting for a stunning nighttime effect.

    Want more fun? Consider integrating a hot tub for year-round enjoyment or adding a spa for that luxurious touch. Our expert pool builders ensure every detail is perfect, from the choice of materials to the final installation. For a free consultation, contact us and take the next steps towards a refreshed pool.

    Why Invest in a Swimming Pool for Your Property?

    Owning a swimming pool offers long-term value and enjoyment for your property. A private swimming pool transforms your backyard into a space where lasting memories are made with friends and family. Beyond the immediate fun, pools are a smart investment, enhancing your home’s value significantly.

    With professional installation, advanced pool equipment ensures longevity and efficiency. Our professional team with years of experience ensures every detail is perfect, from selecting the right materials to the construction process.

    Tailored Pool Designs for Small Backyards

    Small backyards can still host stunning swimming pools. Our pool builders specialize in creating space-efficient designs that maximize your backyard. For instance, choosing a kidney-shaped inground pool can save space while offering ample swimming area. Utilizing vertical elements, like raised walls with water features, adds visual appeal without occupying ground space. With custom pool designs, even the smallest yard can become a complete retreat, blending seamlessly with the house and landscape.

    How Do We Handle Pool Installation Challenges?

    Handling pool installation challenges requires expertise and precision. When faced with space constraints, as expert pool builder use innovative design techniques to maximize every inch of your backyard. We assess soil and site conditions meticulously to ensure stability and longevity of your ground pool. For example, understanding soil composition helps in choosing the right materials and construction methods, preventing future issues. Our clients appreciate our professional approach and attention to detail, making their dream pools a reality.

    Award-Winning Team of Pool Builders in Aurora

    The team at GTA Landscaping brings over 12 years of expertise to pool construction in Aurora. Our award-winning contractors ensure that each swimming pool installation is handled with precision, using high-quality materials like fiberglass, vinyl liners, and concrete. We understand the importance of a smooth installation process, from the initial design to the final touches, ensuring a complete and durable pool for long-lasting enjoyment. Get in touch for a free consultation to discuss how we can create a perfect swimming pool tailored to your needs

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