Permeable Interlock Pavers

Permeable Interlock Pavers


The typical problem of impervious pavers is that storm water runs across the surface instead of soaking into the ground. It leads to pooling, flooding, and potentially erosion of stones. The reason stormwater run-off is such an obstacle for homeowners and business owners in Toronto, is due to the fact that the Greater Toronto Area is primarily constructed of hard materials. So pooling and flooding as well as erosion can be serious problems if a storm drain is inaccessible or overflowing. And all that problems appear because of non-permeable pavers which stagnate the water.

These problems can be prevented with permeable pavers when designing landscaping. These special pavers allow for rainwater to percolate between the designed holes and cracks between them so that it reaches the ground before it “runs off”. These pavers help the environment too because with a fast and easy drainage solution like this, it minimizes the exposure to pollutants picked up by the water before entering the ground.

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Why are permeable pavers so good?

Permeable interlock pavers provide the same function as normal pavers. It is durable, aesthetically pleasing and load bearing. Permeable pavers are laid overtop of a crushed granular base that has some storage capabilities before it drains into the ground and away from the site. Permeable pavers don’t always have to be interlocking. Recent innovations in porous asphalt and concrete have allowed for huge advancements in drainage technology. Traditional interlocking pavers for landscaping have been redesigned for this purpose, including pavers that utilize grass in between them as their drainage systems.

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4 reasons to choose permeable paving

The reasons you should consider installing permeable interlocking pavers for your outdoor landscaping are: