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No One Knows Your Home Better than You, which is why at GTA Landscaping every design concept starts with the client’s vision.

Working from the belief that outdoor spaces and gardens are an extension of one’s home interior, our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the design and building process, tailoring each creative and technical detail with precision and artistry to integrate seamlessly within your unique space.

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As a client of GTA Landscaping, your only task it to sit back and enjoy the view. Through skillful and efficient project management, our team will provide you with status updates, as staff work to deliver contemporary design executed with premium craftsmanship, without schedule delays.


For home owners interested in large-scale renovations that encompass an entire outdoor living space, including pools, decks, and garden irrigation, the professionals at GTA Landscaping can manage the entire project, removing the need to juggle multiple contractors. We’ll make sure our in-house or third party specialists complete the job to your satisfaction, guaranteed by our warranty promise.

Although every GTA Landscaping client and project is unique, each follow a pattern. Below is a breakdown of the general design and build process.