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The GTA Landscaping team are expert in landscaping features that involve interlocking steps. Our Toronto’s premier landscaping company handles design, repairs, and building, producing surfaces that make every property unique and valuable. Our processes exceed your expectations, starting with understanding your vision before following a well-thought-out procedure to deliver the required results. Our crew understands that all the benefits of interlocking depend on installation – we never get it wrong.

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    Interlocking Steps in Toronto Done Right

    If you require front steps that are non-skid, non-slip, and durable, interlocking steps are your answer. The pavers are more resistant to natural wear and tear and other types of damage. They also provide an unmatched decorative aspect that can reflect the unique style preferences of the owners.

    Interlocking steps may have similar benefits to other interlocking projects, but their installation is more intricate. They require a more cautious approach due to their sensitivity – they must look good and have the highest structural integrity. Once you get an installer with experience and proven expertise in such work, you can explore various design options to get the streamlined look you deserve.


    What is the Main Goal of Interlocking Steps?

    Homeowners choose interlocking steps for various reasons, but the most common goal is to boost the aesthetics without compromising structural integrity. You may want to modify the entryway design while ensuring it remains safe regardless of seasonal changes. That is easy because numerous styling and colour selections allow you to choose the most suitable one for your taste. The steps are also ideal for property owners who do not want to deal with regular repairs. Their endurance to outdoor elements and resistance to damage makes them a top choice in the construction industry.

    We can assist you in comparing multiple options to ensure you avoid premature replacements or repairs.


    Toronto Interlocking Steps Installation Process

    Design, Measurement, and Material Selection

    Like every other interlocking project, interlocking steps begin with the design of the upgrade. After conceptualizing the idea, we can create a blueprint using your vision as a guideline. You select the preferable materials according to the visualized outcome, and we measure the area. Once you confirm your satisfaction with the pavers and we get accurate specifications, we will level the surface with the ground surface.

    The interlocking steps installation process is complicated and should be left to a professional. It is possible to handle it as a DIY, but the biggest problem may be the specific equipment necessary for its success. You also need particular knowledge for a smooth operation. Remember, a four-foot step can weigh approximately 200 to 300 pounds, whereas a six-foot-one can have between 500 to 800 pounds. Leveling the ground also requires experience to get right – you not only measure the depth but the width too, something a professional does within the shortest time.


    Base Layer Preparation

    Preparing the base layer involves digging up the area for the new steps, but it is not that simple. You must pay more attention to the specifications, ensuring you get the size of the steps correctly.

    After we level the area satisfactorily, we will put a layer of gravel on the base before placing the steps on top. Failure to get this step right can result in the pavers shifting and increase susceptibility to cracking, sinking, and natural wear and tear. You must use an appropriate layer of gravel and compact it properly for optimal results. We can use a roller or tamper to compress the sand after getting the correct proportion – another reason for hiring experts.


    Interlocking Stone Placement

    We confirm that the base is stable before placing the material that will be the face of the interlocking steps, which can be natural stone, tiles, poured concrete, or any other component. We maintain evenness as we lay them down, ensuring they have similar space between joints. The type of stone you choose will determine how we secure them or the adhesive we apply. However, we assure you of utmost stability that will not be compromised with time.

    Any misstep at this stage can have lifelong disappointing results. The steps can end up being less pleasant or structurally sound. Special skills are necessary to avoid disappointments.


    Finishing Touches

    The final step involves finishing up by installing the railing and cleaning up. We will follow your preferences, meaning we forego whatever you do not want. Since we respect our clients, we leave their properties better than we found them. We will remove all the debris and material remnants, then confirm that the interlocking steps have created the appearance you imagined or desired.


    Why Choose Interlocking Steps for Your House?

    Although interlocking steps have numerous advantages, the one that often comes to mind first is the simplicity surrounding their removal and replacements. That can be associated with the high wear and tear that the steps endure from foot traffic and outdoor weather elements. High chances of staining also increase the concern about repairs, restorations, and replacements. Unlike some exterior pavers like asphalt that require complete removal before replacement, interlocking solutions involve dealing with specific pieces. That makes the work significantly easier.

    You can use a flat pry bar to loosen the interlocking stone on all sides until it pops, then prepare the section adequately before placing a new paver. The option also offers convenience when you want to reach the ground underneath the interlocks for other fixtures like sprinkler systems or electrical lines. You can remove the pavers, complete the installation task, and replace them within hours instead of days.


    Customizable to Any Design

    Some outdoor pavers limit you to colours – you may get black, grey, or brown that does not offer versatility in terms of design. However, interlocking stones have numerous options, such as granite, flagstone, limestone and poured concrete. They are available in a myriad of colours, shapes, and sizes. You can mix and match different pavers if you desire, so long as you work with an installer that understands the requirement for each to avoid problems afterward. For instance, you can have rectangular shapes with stone-like options for a more charming effect.

    We can create a unique geometric look as we combine various colours for a unique, stunning layout. We can even make the pavers look like ceramic tiles if you want a more polished look. Alternatively, we can maintain the natural stone appearance with a textured feel. Meeting your expectations is our priority – we make the interlocks per your preference.


    Long-Lasting and Will Increase Your Home Value

    Many traditional pavers have a lifespan ranging between one to two decades. That is incomparable to interlocking stones that can last approximately forty years. That is how long your steps will remain in good condition without repairs. They will not need resealing, especially after adding a protective coating to keep them from chipping or discoloration. That is a vital element because the steps remain exposed to sunlight during the day. We can also add polymeric sand to fill the cracks between the pavers to prevent erosion, weeds growth, and shifting. You may have to refill the sand occasionally, but that is not time or energy-consuming.

    The boost in curb appeal after installing interlocking stones adds significant value to the property. The chances of selling the property at a higher price are higher when it has interlocking stones. Many potential homebuyers, over 80%, look for properties with paved driveways, walkways, and steps. They can pay more for pavers they will not spend most of their time maintaining.


    Cost-Effective and Easy to Maintain

    Interlocking steps cost more to install, but being a one-time project makes them worthwhile. Traditional options cost less to install but require regular maintenance, adding up the overall cost. For instance, you will have to reseal them every couple of years or replace the entire surface after a few years. In comparison, interlocking steps require minimal maintenance – the only issue is sporadic sanding that you can do with minimal effort and cost. A professional can apply sealants after around 10 years, and it only takes a few hours to complete.

    The strength of interlocking stones is also significantly higher than regular pavers – they can withstand more weight without sustaining damage. They do not wear and tear quickly, meaning you are less likely to see cracks, scratches, or other unpleasant marks. Sand and sealant applications are the major maintenance concerns, but it prevents other potential issues like vegetation growth between the pavers.


    How GTA Landscaping Can Help with Interlocking Steps in Toronto

    Apart from using our expertise in interlocking stones to give you the most spectacular results, we also pass on our extensive knowledge to guide you in making informed decisions. We understand that such investments require a lot of financial resources and strive to protect them. We remain dedicated throughout the process, from design to the final step, as we adhere to safety regulations and the highest quality standards.

    Remember, interlocking steps require specific installation processes that our trained team has the experience and know-how to execute error-free. We are confident that GTA Landscaping is the best company to give you the most exquisite designs and transformations.