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    Interlocking Stones Remove and Relay Services in Toronto and Vaughan

    Your aging patio, walkway or driveway may begin to sink, unsettle or warp over time. As the ground beneath begins to shift over time, the path can become bumpy, may not be level anymore or form cavities.

    Are you considering a new patio installation? And you are worried that your new interlocking stone walkway is becoming a slip and fall hazard?  Or you have no idea how to lay pavers on your own? Why buy new pavers when we can restore your interlocking stone driveway cost-effectively?

    GTA Landscaping can restore your walkway through our interlocking stone relaying services. Through our interlocking remove and relay service, we can restore your existing driveway in no time and help you make huge savings! We offer interlocking stones relay, interlocking patio relay, interlocking pavers relay as well as interlocking driveway relay services.

    Contact our friendly team today for professional interlocking stones relay service in Toronto.


    Interlock Stone Relaying

    You chose interlocking stone pavers for their myriad benefits like safety, sustainability, durability and easy maintenance. But the biggest benefit of interlocking pavers is that they can be easily relayed again and again over the years.

    Block paving stones do not require concrete for installation, that means you can lay pavers without concrete. Instead, they use an interlocking mechanism to hold each other in place. Once the polymeric jointing sand is removed, the bricks can be removed individually as needed.

    Our team will restore your walkway to its former glory by regrading, releveling and recompacting the affected areas where the interlocking stones have lifted, sunken or sagged over time owing to a poor base foundation.

    We check the gravel base and add aggregates as needed to make sure your patio or driveway would not sink, dent or move out of place.

    We use heavy compacting machines to compact the gravel base to last for years.

    Interlocking pavers base is the most important part of the interlocking driveway or patio longevity and durability



    We remove existing driveway or patios, clean all stones, check the base, add or adjust the base and lay the stone as needed to make your walkway look like new. Once the interlocking paving blocks are relayed, we fill the joints with polymeric sand for lasting results. What’s more, it also helps prevent the growth of weeds, keeping your patio clean and new for years!


    If new stones are needed to replace broken ones or dirty stones, we can match and get new ones.


    We can also update your old patio or driveway by adding a new border stone to it. We can add stones of a different type, texture or color to breathe a fresh lease of life into your driveway or patio. We work with all types of interlocking stones and pavers, small and large. We have access to all kinds of brands and can always match any stone or paver.


    As part of our service, we can also power wash and your driveway, walkway and patio to restore their beauty and make them look like new.


    We also seal your driveway and patio to protect the stones from stains and dirt! What’s more, a sealer also brings out the color of any stone making it look new always.


    Patio Relay Services in Toronto and Vaughan

    If your patio was laid out years ago or if the previous installation was not done properly, contact our team today. We provide professional patio relay services across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Our team will begin with a thorough inspection to identify the issue.

    If the pavers have moved about and the base seems pretty firm, it could just be a freeze or thaw problem. However, if the interlocking blocks have caved in, it could be due to poor quality fill used, water erosion or weak edge restraints among other things.

    We will carry out a thorough inspection to identify the problem and create a plan of action. Once you approve the quote, we will begin our interlocking patio relay service. We service Toronto, Vaughan and all of the Greater Toronto Area.


    Interlocking Driveway Relay in Toronto and Vaughan

    Your driveway is a very important part of your property. After all, it provides a glimpse into your property and lifestyle. Imagine a guest enters your driveway and is greeted by a bumpy path. What kind of an impression will that make on your visitors?

    Certainly not one that you’d like!

    If your interlocking driveway in Toronto is in desperate need of repair work, get in touch with GTA Landscaping right away. Our experienced team will remove, repair and relay your interlocking pavers and breathe a fresh lease of life into your aging driveway.

    Our interlocking lift and repair service not only improves your property’s curb appeal, but it also helps extend the driveway’s life whilst helping you avoid injuries and the resulting liabilities.

    Whether the soil beneath has shifted or several stones have been damaged, we will restore your pathway quickly, efficiently and affordably. Be it a small interlocking driveway or an expansive driveway, we provide an unmatched interlocking driveway repair service across Vaughan and Toronto.


    Why Choose Our Interlocking Remove And Relay Services In Toronto

    GTA Landscaping is a leading contractor for driveway and patio relay services in Toronto and Vaughan. We have built a reputation for quality workmanship, timely completion and affordable service. We take great pride in providing a five-star experience from start to finish.

    No matter the size or scope of the relaying job, we are here to assist you. Whether you have a question, need a quote or want to discuss your requirements, our friendly team is just a call away. With years of experience in interlocking relay services, we assure you of complete peace of mind.