Interlocking patio

Interlocking patios have the same unmatched appeal as interlocking driveways, especially when you hire a professional from Toronto’s premier landscaping company. That is a critical aspect because patios are the most noticeable sections of a property. GTA Landscaping can customize the designs to give your visitors an unequalled first impression.
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    Fall in love with your custom Interlocking Patio

    What could be better than your own private patio in the comfort of your own back yard?

    We can build a simple interlocking patio where you can enjoy a morning espresso or create a complete private oasis to entertain the whole family.

    We always strive to be the interlock contractor leader by updating our work techniques and keeping up with the always changing styles to give you the best value on the market. Whether you need a classic interlocking brick pad or the new modern slab interlock patio we have all the knowledge and tools to create it. We work closely with all the top interlock suppliers in Toronto and Vaughan to get direct access to best interlock pavers and supplies on demand.


    Materials Used For Interlocking Patios


    Brick is one of the oldest materials in the construction industry, but certain bricks are suited for different applications. Patios require a specific brick type to withstand weather changes. For instance, they should be less porous to handle freezing and rainwater without soaking in excess moisture.

    That does not mean that patio bricks should be red – you can choose a different colour, such as black, tan, or any other preferred hue. Patterns can also differ when you work with a renowned installer. Depending on your style preference, we can install them in herringbone, pinwheel, or alternating patterns.

    Despite their timeless beauty and numerous benefits, bricks can also be disappointing without proper installation. They can become uneven or allow weed growth between the pieces. The costlier nature of bricks also makes them least favourable compared to other pavers, but their warmth and elegance make them worthwhile.


    Concrete Pavers

    Concrete pavers are preferred because of their ability to mimic other materials, thanks to their numerous colours and shapes. They are cheaper than natural stone or bricks and available in multiple shapes and colours. Installation methods also differ, allowing property owners to choose the most suitable ones according to the desired merits.

    Concrete pavers function individually, meaning replacing single pieces is easy if they become damaged. You can also repair small sections without interfering with the rest of the patio. Another advantage is the superior stability of interlocking pavers. They do not shift out of place and can withstand weather changes, especially when set in sand. You never have to worry about cracking.

    The pavers also have cons, such as a limitation in shapes and colours. Some of them may also lose their color over time.

    Pro tip: Use permeable pavers for less runoff.



    Stone is the perfect choice for your patio if your main goal is durability. However, you should choose a local interlocking stone that can adapt to the local weather, is more environmentally friendly, and blends naturally and effortlessly with the landscape. Several varieties of stone are available for your selection, the most popular ones being slate, quartz, limestone, and bluestone.

    Apart from the patio, you can also use stone in gardens if you want the perfect blend because of the natural tones. Its ability to maintain the original colour for longer also makes it more suitable for outdoor applications, widening its benefits.

    Although stone has immeasurable benefits, it also has rough surfaces that can make walking or driving challenging. The weight and irregular shapes can make installation difficult, and the higher cost can be a turn-off.


    Poured Concrete

    Poured concrete is a mixture of sand, gravel, cement, and water used when wet but hardens up when it dries. The semi-liquid composition can be modelled into any shape, making it one of the most versatile materials for patios. You can design the outdoor space however you like, using geometric or curved shapes or any other style you prefer. Poured concrete is also the most affordable option – installation is not too expensive and requires minimal to no maintenance.

    The only disadvantage is mixing the concrete, which requires the highest precision. The liquid should not be too smooth to keep it from being too slippery. Drainage problems and other issues like cracking can also arise. The appearance of concrete prevents it from blending with most natural settings, but you can use tinted or patterned concrete for better aesthetics.



    Tiles look great outdoors as much as they do indoors, especially when you choose the correct type. You can get the same versatility that indoor tiles provide from outdoor ceramic or porcelain tiles. The best part is that they can create a seamless transition between interior and exterior, making the patio a continuation of indoor living space.

    The exterior tiles look like indoor tiles but should have outdoor characteristics such as less porosity. Porous tiles can absorb more water that damages them during freeze and thaw cycles. Consider the nature of tile surfaces – they should not be too slippery like the glazed tiles.

    The main concern with tiles is slipping – the same reason they are not advisable for pool areas. They worsen when they hold water for longer, resulting in algae formation. Their higher cost is another disadvantage.


    Benefits of Interlocking Patios

    Versatile and Cost-Effective

    Interlocking patio pavers bring unequalled versatility that is hard to ignore. They boost the aesthetic appeal of any monotonous property to make your home classy. The freedom you get during design is unlike any other, regardless of the material you choose. Unlike other pavers that can be monochrome, interlocks deliver vibrant colours and intriguing surfaces. You can create any appearance using stone, concrete, brick, or other preferable pavers. Although they are available in various sizes, the pavers fit perfectly and do not leave room for weed growth. That means they do not require much maintenance, translating to less money on their upkeep.

    You can compare the costs of all the interlocking materials and choose the most comfortable one according to your budget. Whatever you decide, be sure you will spend less money over time. Our expert team can ensure you enjoy all the money-related benefits associated with an interlocking patio. We can also give professional advice during selection.


    Durable and Design Flexible

    Popular pavers for interlocking patios include stone, concrete, and brick compacted to increase their ability to withstand outdoor elements. With that sturdiness, they can withstand heavy weights and more traffic without breaking or cracking. You never have to worry about children running around the patio or other heavy floor traffic affecting the surfaces. Proper installation results in longevity of at least 30 years. You can change singular pavers in case of damage without interfering with the rest of the patio.

    Interlocking patio leaves room for more design options unlike any other. The availability of multiple stone options makes it easier to choose a unique design and expand your imagination as you figure out the right style for your outdoors. You get more control, especially when you choose an installation company that values your preferences. We can give you a final patio that makes you proud for many years to come, fulfilling your expectations and adding more value to your property.


    Safe and Easy to Maintain

    Safe and Easy to Maintain

    Minimal maintenance associated with interlocking stones comes from their impressive durability. They remain in perfect shape without too much effort from you. You only need to hose them down to remove dirt or sand on the surfaces. An alternative to hosing is sweeping, which is also sufficient to keep the patio vibrant and neat. Although weeds are not likely to grow, you can remove those that may rarely sprout by removing a single stone and replacing it without touching the others. Cracking or breaking is also scarce, and any repairs are hassle-free.

    Using soapy water every few months is also recommended, but you can also power-wash them occasionally. The key safety feature is the non-slip nature of the stones. They remain the same even when wet, perfect for use throughout the year.

    Note that replacement and repairs are simple, but you should hire a professional. We will help prevent further damage to the surfaces and retain the original appeal.


    Interlocking patios construction is our expertise

    • We have the right machinery for every patio construction job.
    • We own all our equipment which helps us tackle any project with best efficiency.
    • Our machinery ranges from narrow walk behind loaders and mini excavators to full size loaders to get any interlock base prepared with ease.
    • Our machines can fit through most narrow house-side walkways in Toronto which saves on valuable time and labour.