Keep Your Stone Pavers Weed Free

Keep Your Stone Pavers Weed Free

DIY Organic Techniques to Keep Your Stone Paver Weed-Free

Stone driveways, patios, and walkways are long lasting and can beautify your outdoor space. However, in Toronto, stone pavers can require some maintenance in order to preserve its beauty. One of the biggest problems with stone pavers is weeds. If you have not yet installed or is thinking about reinstalling your stone paver then you should read our article on Using Polymeric Sand for Pavers. If your stone paver is already installed with standard sand between the joints, you need to take measures to control weeds that will grow between the joints of stone slabs. Here are some easy and effective organic techniques.

Clove Oil Mixture

A mixture of vinegar and clove oil is very effective in removing weeds. To prepare this mixture, take a container of five litre capacity, and mix 600 ml clove oil with 2.5 litre of 20% strong vinegar. Fill the rest of the container with clean water. You can also substitute vinegar with citric acid. Add around 500 g citric acid to make a 5 litre solution.


Mix the solution so that it becomes homogenous. You can store this solution in a container with tightly closed lid. To use, take around 1 litre of solution in a garden sprayer and spray at the roots of the weeds. The strong active elements in the solution burn and kill the weeds. The solution also sterilises the soil. This will ensure that your stone driveway is free of weeds for several months.


Before you use the organic solution, conduct a spot test to ensure that the vinegar does not bleach the stone paver. Spray diluted vinegar on an inconspicuous 2’ x 2’ patch on your stone paver. Wait for a few hours and check for any discoloration on the stone paver. If you don’t see any difference on the paver, you can do ahead with the treatment.

Calcium Chloride or Rock Salt

Calcium chloride or rock salt is available in powder as well as pellet form. For effective weed removal, you should use the pellet form. Sprinkle the salt of calcium chloride granules on the soil where weeds grow. Once done, spray water on the pellets using a garden sprayer and avoid flooding the area. You need to repeat spraying water on three consecutive days if the weather is very dry and on three alternate days if the humidity is high.


As the pellets get wet, they dissolve and seep into the soil, thereby killing the weeds. Since the salt is in granule form, it dissolves slowly and is not washed away with water right away. This method is extremely effective and keeps your driveway free of weeds for several months.

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If you plan to use readymade weed removal agents, make sure that they are non-toxic. This safety measure is very essential if you have kids or pets at home. Using green products and organic herbicides ensure minimal negative environmental impact and maximum safety for your family. With a bit of effort, you can maintain the beauty of your stone patio, paver driveway, or interlocking walkway. If you prefer the expertise of a professional Toronto landscap, contact GTA Landscaping, and we’ll help you maintain your outdoor living space.

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