Weeds free patio and importance of polymeric sand

Weeds free patio and importance of polymeric sand

How Polymeric Sand Helps Keep Interlocking Stone Weed-Free

Using polymeric sand can help keep your driveway and patio weed-free. When the gaps between interlocking stones are topped up with polymeric sand, there’s no room for dirt to get in between the stones. This keeps weeds from growing up.

However, polymeric sand does not hold the stones together as many people think. Polymeric sand is a filler that’s used to fill the gaps between the stones. This filling keeps dirt from entering and thereby controlling the growth of weed.

What is Polymeric Sand?

Polymeric sand is vastly different from the sand on a beach or in your backyard sandbox. What makes it stand out is its ability to adhere to itself far better than regular sand. And that’s an important distinction when you want to protect your hardscape or patio from the elements.

Polymeric sand is made by combining fine sand with additives. When exposed to water, it turns into a binding agent. When dry, polymeric turns hard like a rock and when wet, it becomes soft and sticky.

In winter, the stones tend to move with frost contraction and expansion. That’s where polymeric sand comes into the picture. It moves with the stone ensuring there’s no gap left between the stones for dirt and weeds to enter.

Benefits of Polymeric Sand

Tips for Keeping Your Driveway/Patio Weed Free

How to Top Up the Gaps with Polymeric Sand?

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