Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal


Commercial Snow Removal in GTA

In addition to landscaping, GTA Landscaping provides commercial snow removal services. To provide a better service, an agreement is drawn up between the customer and the company, describing all types of services offered.

Our company provides services for clearing, plowing snow in Toronto and throughout the GTA. In addition, we provide services for:

During a heavy snowfall or freezing rain, prompt snow removal is very important for the efficient and safe functioning of your property.

Untimely snow removal can quickly turn into ice blocks, which will be much more difficult to break and clean.


Snow removal in Toronto and GTA

To remove snow on the streets and roads, our company has an extensive fleet of specialized snow removal equipment. Each of our crews or machines is equipped with GPS to keep track of the work process on time and save you the worry.

To clean sidewalks or walkways, we use plastic shovels and manual snow plows. We also use ATVs with plows and skid steers with narrow plows to clean walkways. 

We must bear in mind that timely clearing of snow and ice from building up, will protect the surrounding areas and avoid accidents
GTA Landscaping provide snow removal services.
Commercial Snow Removal Truck in Action.

GTA Landscaping - the best rated contractor in Toronto for over a decade

If you are in search of a contractor for the entire winter season, or want year round grounds maintenance and snow plowing – GTA Landscaping is here to help.

Our company is one of the best contractors in Toronto with over 10 years of experience, each of our employees is a certified craftsman.