Commercial Grounds Maintenance

First, blush matters. This is why your property needs to look pristine all day, every day. It’s also why we treat every commercial premise as our own and take pride in offering full-service commercial grounds maintenance programs, all year round, to all kinds of commercial properties. Keep your estate garbage-free and get your lawns mowed, garden-weeded, or hedges trimmed. We are the experts! Give our Toronto’s premier landscaping company a call today.

Our company is celebrating 10 years and take great pride on being the top landscape and grounds maintenance contractors in Toronto, Vaughan and Mississauga areas

10 years of excellence
Toronto Commercial Grounds Maintenance Services.

Toronto Commercial Grounds Maintenance

We provide complete grounds maintenance service in Toronto, Vaughan, Markham, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, and more areas around the GTA for over 10 years and take pride on maintaining our status of excellence.

We serve and specialise Commercial, Industrial, Multi residential, Condominiums, Townhouse complexes and more.

We guarantee to maintain all our properties in top shape. Our teams of experts know exactly how to efficiently maintain the landscapes of any property.

We care and do more than just landscape maintenance but take care of all your commercial grounds maintenance needs. Each property is different & unique and must be taken care of with a specially tailored way, specific to the property.

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We cannot over-emphasize the importance of keeping your grass space well-maintained. Green lush grass always leaves a lasting impression on visitors and passers-by. Trust us. We know how to quickly turn around tired, worn-out, and weed-infested grass in any kind of commercial property.


Ask any lawn care experts. How/when you fertilize your lawn ultimately determines how quickly it achieves peak performance and growth. With proper fertilization, your lawn should have a low potential for runoff, nutrient leaching, and volatilization. Talk to us. We’ll deliver a premier return on your investment in lawn fertilization and maintenance.


Flowers are widely different from grass, so they need other care techniques than those you use on your lawns. In fact, with proper care, your ornamental shrubs, flowers, or ground covers will appear beautiful and lush throughout the year. The biggest threat to decorative beds is weeds. We can help. We have a weed control program designed specifically for decorative flowerbeds and gardens.


Beautiful-looking trees are the hallmark of any picture-perfect landscape. However, it’s not easy to keep landscape trees beautiful, especially those in commercial spaces, because of the time and effort required to care for many trees in fast-moving spaces. Not to worry, though – we can tackle any size job in the most responsible, efficient, and cheapest way possible. Our same-day tree pruning and trimming services are available 24/7.


Would you like new greenery in your commercial space? Are the planting spots sunny or shady? How’s the soil? There are a lot of things that go into planting new vegetation. You have to meticulously plan everything; otherwise, things may appear perfect the first time, only to end up disorganized in the long run. Sit back, relax, and let us handle everything for you. We know exactly how to plan for and deliver an evolving garden.


Annual plants, with their seasonal colours, are the perfect solution when looking to make your grounds pop. They’re a quick method of boosting curb appeal as well as brightening dull commercial landscapes. Our award-winning spring planter designs cater to summer, winter, spring, or fall. What’s more, we have certified horticulturalists ready to offer advice on the best-fitting annual flowers for your specific commercial space.


Smaller than trees and bigger than flowers, most shrubs are evergreen, making them attractive additions to hardscapes like fountains, walkways, etc. Shrubbery also adds texture, beauty, and structure to any lawn. We understand the best time to trim different kinds of shrubs so as not to interfere with flowering. We also have all the various trimming equipment needed to properly maintain shrubs. Call us at any time.


Are you experiencing dry lawns, water runoffs, or leaks due to sprinkler issues? Turn to the experts who know best. We have a 12-point inspection system that’s sure to help identify the hindrance. Once we identify the problem, we’ll advise you on the best sprinkler system services that will sort out the problem over the long haul.


Winter is coming. We want to help you prepare your sprinkler systems for harsh weather. Winterizing your sprinkle system involves draining out the water and insulating all above-ground components. We have the expertise and specialized equipment required to quickly drain out your systems, be it manual draining, automatic draining, or blow-out draining. We’ll successfully complete any size job, even on short notice.


Dumpsters aren’t one-size-fits-all. This is why you need expert advice on how to deal with the waste your business generates. We serve different industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, retail, construction, etc. You can also depend on us to help you follow through with your environmental commitments safely and reliably. Always be compliant!


We offer commercial garbage removal and recycling services to all kinds of businesses around the GTA. Our garbage removal services run the gamut as we can handle different types of waste, including industrial, commercial, agricultural, and domestic waste. We go up and above roll-off dumpsters, special waste compactors, and haulers. We even have portable restroom rental and roll-off container rental.


Painting and marking a parking lot may sound like a job any painter can do, but wait until you have to mark a massive parking lot with complex spaces. It’s a job that requires a high level of automation as well as people with the expertise to handle all the necessary equipment. Contact us for comprehensive parking lot striping and maintenance. We also have pavement marking services, signage, and wheel stops.


Thanks to our powerful pressure-washing equipment, we can handle tough clean-ups efficiently and quickly. Our units can deliver up to 3000 psi, removing the toughest grease and dirt once and for all. We also have licensed, drug-tested, bonded experts on standby to deliver dependable, value-orientated services.


‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ It’s the most common reason most commercial drains aren’t cleaned or kept up with. No wonder many buildings have recurring issues such as leaks, clogs, and overflows. You’re busy, and we understand. Leave the drains to us, and we will keep them running smoothly. We have everything required for expert maintenance and proper preventative measures.


Do you ever look at your lawns and wonder when they’ll ever achieve the thick, carpet-like grass? That can be quite soon if you let us aerate them for you. Lawn aeration is what promotes resilient turf grass that can crowd out weeds. It also clears out pathways for nutrients, water, and air, promoting faster, richer lawn growth. Call us for a free lawn aeration quote today.


Overseeding goes a long way in repairing damaged lawns. Whether your turf is thinning out, has a fungal disease or has summer stress, over-seeding will help fill out any brown patches. We use slit seeding where little grass remains, and thickening cannot work. This method is slow but very effective. Call us in, and let us decide on the best remedy for your lawn.


Top dressing is the best way to promote lawn health and beauty without using any synthetic or chemical fertilizers. It’s quite effective in getting rid of nutrient deficiency, soil compaction, and heat or water stress. Triple mix dressing helps to amend poor soil conditions by mixing the topsoil, compost, and peat. Get in touch for commercial dressing services with quick turnarounds.


You need high-quality mulch to add a textural dimension to any kind of commercial landscape. Mulch also combats erosion, protects the plants, and enriches the soil. Trust us. We have the logistics required to deliver and install enough quality mulch on your commercial property without causing any downtime in your operations.


Ask around. GTA Landscaping is one of the most reliable installers of landscape lighting all over GTA. You don’t have to come to us. We’re happy to visit your commercial property and offer beautiful design ideas for your landscape lighting. We’ll also maintain every lighting installed and keep them shining as bright as the first day. 

We have dedicated crews that are well trained and are fully equipped for each property.


Up to date equipment and well-maintained trucks are a standard for all maintenance crews at GTAL.


Highly trained, and motivated staff is the key to get through each property fast yet thoroughly to keep sites in the condition they should be in

Commercial properties

First impressions play a big role. Commercial landscaping must be in top shape like any other property as clients must see the tidy and professionally groomed landscaping.

We maintain the gardens and landscaping as well as work with property managers to help add colour and vibrance to any property. We help budget and design garden beds, plant annual flowers, design seasonal planter arrangements, decorate for any season and more

We cater to small businesses, multi location franchises and large size properties.

Industrial properties

Grounds maintenance for industrial properties can consist of large areas of grass that must be cut and maintained in timely manner. We are equipped to have large properties done within business hours and as scheduled. We can work at allowed work times and can arrange to have work done after hours if required to keep areas safe.

Multi Residential

Multi-residential properties grounds maintenance is our niche. We are experts at maintaining large properties in top shape with over a decade of experience.

We do our best to have residents love the surrounding of their community

Keeping multi-residential properties grounds looking tidy and inviting is our priority

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Condo grounds maintenance is not just about grass cutting, we make sure to take good care of the property as well as the people involved.  We know what it takes to upkeep any commercial or multi-residential grounds and maintain any garden or lawn.

Our crews are trained on maintaining the lawns, green roof gardens and patios as well as areas around swimming pools.

We help with full condo grounds maintenance including grass cutting, trees pruning, garbage and litter removal, fertilizing, sprinklers maintenance, garage power washing, drains cleaning, patio washing, trees removal, bush trimming, planting, seasonal planter arrangements.

Townhouse complexes

GTA Landscaping has more than a decade of experience maintaining landscapes of big sites.

Larger complexes require manpower and special equipment to maintain in timely manner as they are usually bigger in size and have more grass to cut & grounds to maintain.

Our experienced teams are equipped and are ready to go. 


Our company is celebrating 10 years and take great pride on being the top landscape and grounds maintenance contractors in Toronto, Vaughan and Mississauga areas

Toronto, Vaughan and Mississauga Commercial Grounds Maintenance

We know the importance of appearance and first impressions when it comes to commercial plazas and buildings.

At GTA Landscaping, we know how hard it is to maintain a beautiful and serene landscape.  We are a premier landscaping company in Toronto with a focus on delivering reliable and quality commercial grounds maintenance service at a competitive price. No matter what your needs are, from lawn mowing, pruning to winter snow plowing, we do it all.